Quick!!! Hurry Up!!!!

Really, I’m serious. Hurry. I have extended the time period for my birtday coupon code, but only until tomorrow night. Remember, that’s 29% OFF everything you purchase from my store. Here’s the important information again:

Plus, I added TWO NEW ITEMS to the store tonight. They are hot off of Photoshop, and let me tell you, they will be your best friend all year long.

Yup, you read right…that’s tweleve templates you can use for your scrapping LOs. That’s one for each month..or three a week for a month…or tweleve a week…you get the idea..it’s a lot! How much, you may ask…This megapack goes for $6.00!!! If you used the coupon, you would get it for only $4.26!! Tweleve templates for $4.26, it can’t get much better than that.
And that’s not all. I also have added a smaller set of four templates that are
8.5×11. If you are scrapping this size, these will be great for you! They are only $1.42 with the coupon!!!! Really, I am giving this stuff away.

So please, take advantage of my insanity now. Get these templates with this coupon before it’s too late!

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