Another Thursday!

Well we did some grocery shopping today right after school, and then ran a few more errands, and I am already beat! It would be an early night, but it’s a super fantastico tv night: Ugly Betty, The Office, and Tabitha’s Takeover! Plus, TIVO’d Earl and Grey’s….yeah, tv is awesome. So needless to say, I’ll be hanging out by the tv all night. Not to mention, we picked up one of my new favorite movies tonight: Baby Mama…I truly think that Tina Fey and Amy Phoeler are comic genius.

So there is another FOBTY today. This week’s is all about how fast you type, and let me tell you, I am ashamed at how slowly I type now. I used to be very fast, and took classes in high school. Somewhere, Mrs. Lathrop is having a cow at how slow I type now. Check it out:

61 words

Speed test

Also, check out this thread for something very cool that has to do with Funky Monkey.

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