Where do you like to eat?

I have to say, fast food is by far one of man’s greatest inventions. I know that it’s not the best option for dinner, or any meal, but it is fantastic. If I had to list my top three….
1. Dunkin Donuts…there is nothing better than an egg, sausage, and cheese bagel.
2. McDonald’s…I am not so into dinner or lunch there…again, breakfast is the bomb.
3. On The Border Takeout…I know it’s not “fast food” but if I had to have a takeout meal, that’s where it would be from.

So that’s it, my favorite fast foods…I don’t eat them much…well maybe a bit more than that, but those are the ones I die for!! What are your favorites?

OOOH, it’s a super exciting week over at MSS. This week, we have some new changes…and a super exciting chat! Check it out:

And I will have some great things to show you as the week goes on…and great things to give away at the chat…keep checking in!!!

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