Are you ready for some Sneak Peeks???

I have them for you!!! But first, a little bit about my day. Why are middle school kids CRAZY??? Seriously, the things that happen on a regular day in middle school blows my mind. I won’t get into the stuff that happens, but it’s safe to say that I am going to start researching ways to prevent my two little ones from becoming middle schoolers. Ugh…on a good note, I had my drama club today, and those kids are just the greatest! It’s been so nice to get back into something that I had so much fun doing in my younger days…so maybe all middle school kids aren’t THAT bad…

Tomorrow night is the New Release Chat again at We had such a great turnout last week, I can’t wait to see what happens this week. And let me tell you, the people who were there, they got MAJOR gifts. Plus, the added bonus of finding out first when the store was up, and getting to see the new products right away. So, I have for you my Sneak Peeks for the week:

And really guys, those are only MY products…check out these other AWESOME sneaks..

Check out all of those cool products!!! Come and join us tomorrow night at 9pm EST at

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