Hi everyone!

How quickly the weeks are passing by. I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is this week. Then we begin the real rush to Christmas. We have been running around here trying to get stuff together and done so that we have less to do as the holiday approaches. It’s amazing how everything needs to be organized just so in order to get it all done. You should see my to do list, it’s growing and growing, and getting more and more detailed.

I have a couple new products coming up this week, that I can’t wait to show you. For those of you who were at the MSS chat last week, you know that I have a Collab kit with Pillowgirl coming out this week, and I have to say it’s super cute. I am loving trying out these different holiday looks. I should have a few other fun products out this week, too. I am thinking printables and templates and such. I also have a pretty big announcement coming very soon. I cannot wait to tell everyone. It’s pretty major.

I wanted to mention…I am doing the Ali Edwards’ December Daily Project. You can check out the details on her blog, but it’s a fun and easy project that will help you to capture the memories of the holiday season. I am going to be starting a separate blog for this project, so I will let you know when I get it done.

Until then…

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