I can’t even remember what day it is…

See this is what happens over vacations. We get so wrapped up in what we are doing (or not doing), all of the days seem to run together. There is no defining “weekend”, it’s like one big weekend. I guess today is Saturday, but it could as easily be a Wednesday for all I know. I still have three days off, and it seems like there may be a storm on Tuesday night, which may jeopardize our return to school on Wednesday. Only time will tell.

I got another layout done yesterday. I really need to set a goal for how many I get done this year. How many do other people get done? I mean I have seen people who do like 500, but that seems crazy to me. Looking back in my gallery, I got about 70 layouts done last year, from July to the end of the year. I need to set a goal. I need to stop being vague about resolutions and goals, and really get some written down. Anyways, here is the layout:

You can see the credits HERE.

I am in the middle of a TON of work, all getting ready for a very big reveal on Monday. Please, make sure to check in. Also, remember that my Semi Annual Sale is only for another day. It ends as the new stuff is revealed tomorrow night. Don’t miss this chance to get 75% off. You won’t see a sale that great for a while.
Check it all out HERE.

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