Ok, so this week for FOBTY, I am supposed to talk about five tv shows that I have seen EVERY episode of…and let me tell you, that’s hard. Ok, so here goes…
1. 90210…the old version. seriously, I have seen every episode, and can tell you just about anything from any episode of the show. My favorites…anytime something happened to Kelly Taylor…that was always some serious dramz.
2. Gilmore Girls….not when they ran, though. I have watched them all on DVD. And I can tell you, there is not a show better for witty, quick pop culture references.
3. American Idol…I have never missed an episode of American Idol. Ever. That is all.
4. Phineas and Ferb…yup all of them, love them all, sometimes, I watch them without the girls…hahaha
5. Arthur…same idea, girls have watched all of them, so have I. You know it’s bad when you relate real life situations to episodes of Arthur.

Well that’s it.

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