I’m so excited!! It’s a week of new stuff!!

So…the new washer and dryer finally came this past weekend. It seemed like we waited so long, but let me tell you, it was well worth the wait. Not only are they nice and high tech, but they also are large capacity, so getting all the 86 zillion loads of laundry we have in a week done was waaayy easier than it used to be. What used to be 6 loads of towels is now only like three! Seriously, it’s heaven. DD said to DW last night, “I think Daddy is in love with the new washer and dryer.” I think she may be right.
Also, I have to say, there is a fantastic sale going on at OldNavy, both in store and online. Most of their men’s clothes are 50% off!! They have done this for the last few years around Father’s Day, so I had been waiting for it to happen, and secretly stashing some $$ away. My new summer wardrobe should be here by the week’s end.
And if that’s not enough…DW and I ordered brand new glasses last Thursday at our BJ’s Wholesale Club. They were super cheap, and well, we both really really needed glasses. They had some super funky ones, and well since I only wear my glasses every so often, and well, I AM super funky, I picked out an orange pair of glasses. If I get a chance tonight, I’ll snap a pic and show them to you. That’s it for now, I’ll try and be back later.

Oh, the CT Call continues…send me an email if you are interested. I am looking for all levels of scrapper, and both girl AND BOY scrappers (Jenny…we need to talk boy kits).

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