Here are the glasses, and tons of other stuff…

Ok, I know I promised you a picture of the new glasses, and well…I wasn’t really picture ready last night…maybe today. I am rocking them at school right now…I am sure my sixth graders will have tons to say about them. Although, I think they are starting to expect crazy stuff like this from me.

Ok, other stuff:
My newsletter will be ready to go out within the next week. Make sure you are signed up so that you don’t miss any info or great deals (both of which will be included in the first newsletter!).

MSS has a new featured designer starting this week, Digital Gator. She’s a really cool lady, and has some great designs as well. Check her out:

Also, the new MSS Collab is out this week. You can check it out:

Also, as you may have noticed from my last post, I am joining the team at the soon to be opened Polka Dot Plum. Well they are looking for store CT Members, here is the info:

And don’t forget my CT Call which is going on for one more week. I look foward to having some great new team members to get to know.

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