An Emotional Day…

Today, DD #1 graduated PreK. Now, I know, it may sound funny…like it doesn’t matter. I can tell you for sure though, I had no idea how much it would affect me. My baby would now be “of school age”…she will go to school next year, and have actual work to do..not just play time and stuff. And there is no turning back…from there, she’ll move to 1st grade, etc. Where does time go? When did my baby turn 5?
I never really thought much about it when people said they wished they could “freeze time” or “hang on to that one moment”. Today, I understood what that meant. I wanted to hold her tight to me, and not let time affect us at all. Soon, there will be sleepovers, and arguments, and BOYS…Just make it stop now.
And to top it off, almost all of my pix came out super dark…anyone have any good tips on how to lighten a dark pic?

CT Call Ends Tomorrow…get your last minute apps in!!

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