My Layouts Monday

I know, it’s really almost Tuesday. It has been a hectic weekend around here. I spent the whole weekend away at a retreat at my former college, working on creating/reviving the Alumni Association there. It was tons of fun seeing some old friends, talking about how we can take the Association to new heights. The downside, is everything here is spiraling out of the controlled order we had come accustomed to. So picking up the pieces is our main concern these days.
I knew, however, that I needed to have a layout for you for My Layout Monday. Being so crunched for time, I knew that this week would be the best week to share with you my favorite quick scrap trick: templates. Yes, I am a designer. Yes, I could make the templates myself. What I love about templates, however, is that it takes the think work out of a layout for me, and allows me to get the pictures scrapped and move on. So this week, I started with a layout by Ali Edwards, available at Designer Digitals (for 20% off this week, btw!).
This is the layout that I came up with:
So the first thing I did was rotate the template to better fit my photo. I also had to do a bit of stretching of the two block elements to fit the word art. Once that was done, I dragged my photo onto the template, and clipped it (using a clipping mask) to the photo spot. Then I dragged the blue paper, and clipped it to the paper block. Then I dragged the white paper, and moved it to be the background. After that, I took the word art, I adjusted the color to white, and put it over the photo. Finally, I dragged the ledger paper on and clipped it to the disc. After that, I went in and inserted a small title and the journaling using the provided text paths. A little shadowing, and voila! I was done. It took me about a half hour (it would have taken less if I wasn’t watching Kathy Griffin at the same time). I hope you like it. What are your tricks for quick scrapping?

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