Five Resources to Help You Get AMAZING Photos

A while back, I talked about how I had started to feel like I was a bad photographer. As a last ditch effort, I signed up and took Jessica Sprague’s “Good to Great Workflow” class, and saw the light. Since then, I have become addicted to editing my photos. In that process, I have come across some great resources that I wanted to share with you.

  1. My Four Hens Photography – I have admired Sarah’s photos for some time now. Well, behind the scenes, Sarah has been creating sets of the actions that she uses on her own photos, with the intention of making them available for us. That dream came true for her early this morning when her site went live. I was in her store, shopping the actions at 4:30am this morning, and have had a chance to play with some of them, and let me tell you they are gorgeous. I took a picture that I had edited for lighting and color already, and ran it through the actions in the “Retro Summer” set, and this is what I came up with:   I’m having a hard time deciding which one I like best, I think they are all great. The action sets are all different, each offering a different look (not to mention some cute names!). She also has a basic editing package available. On top of all that, she sells a bundle of all of the action sets at a great price. Plus, her store is 50% off now until August 6th..that’s a bargain you can’t pass up!
    My Four Hens Photography
  2. Totally Rad Actions – I will admit, I only have a few Totally Rad Actions. However, they are great actions. What I think is super cool is that Totally Rad Actions is really getting into social media right now. Multiple times during the day I see tweets on Twitter about fun contests (like pimping out their logo), not to mention what they call “recipes” which are combinations of actions that give your photos a desired look. Some are from the people at Totally Rad, but lots are from their customers. It’s a great way to see how the different actions work together. Check them out:
    Totally Rad Actions
  3. Pioneer Woman – I often find that Pioneer Woman’s action sets are my “go to” sets when I need a quick fix. Her actions are fun and simple, yet give you a great looking end product. Not only does she have some rockin’ actions and amazing photos, but she has a pretty darn cool cooking side to her blog as well. Basically, she’s just an all around inspiring person.
    You can check her out at:
    Pioneer Woman
  4. Digital Photography School – this site has some great tutorials on taking digital photos, and just photo composition in general. There are lots of articles that I have liked on this site, but THIS ONE is one of my favorites.
    You can find them here:
    Digital Photography School
  5. Photojojo – I found this site through a contest, and I have found some really great content there. Some of the content is focused at professional photographers, but there are some great articles for novices as well. I really liked THIS ARTICLE on how to make moving pictures like in the newspapers and books in the Harry Potter movies. Find them here:

Those are the photography sites I am into right now. What sites do you visit for photography tips?

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