Time Management Fail: The Time Management Series, Part 4

Uggghhh…I know you have been there too…you are coasting along with something, doing great at it, and then a monkey wrench…and everything spins out of control. Gone are all your well laid plans, and here is survival mode.

I have been living in survival mode for the last two weeks. With school starting and the Polka Dot Plum Grand Opening in the same week, I have barely had time to breathe. I thought for sure all the systems I had set in order over the summer would be perfect for leading me through the school year with no stress. Why wouldn’t it work, it worked all summer?

However, there are so many factors that try to derail the system that I had just put out of my mind. We get up earlier, and get home later. There is homework to do with my girls, and dinner to make. Bedtime, computer checks, and then more school work: lesson plans, correcting, paperwork. If I am lucky, I still have time to do a little chatting, and check in on things here in the digital world. Designing is a luxury. Not to mention, I really had forgotten how tiring it can be teaching all day.

I don’t say this to complain. Teaching is one of my favorite things to do in life, and I have been blessed to have wonderful coworkers, as well as the unique opportunity to be working with a class that I have had twice before. They feel like my own kids. No, I don’t want to complain. What I want to do is tell you that no matter how good the system, or how organized you are, things fall apart sometimes. We are human.

The inevitable question then is: What comes next? I have put off answering that question for the last two weeks, and I am just now firming up some ideas.
1. Get back to the schedule. I hesitate to say this, but you know what they say….if you fall off
the horse, etc. etc.
2. Lists, Lists, Lists. I have just finished a great book, which many of you have probably heard
about. Getting Things Done by David Allen is system for creating “stress-free productivity.”
There are a lot of good ideas in the book, and I am working on how to incorporate them into my
life. Check out the book:

3. Make time for the things I LIKE to do. Well maybe not like, but make me feel good. Like
exercising. I don’t know if I “like” it, but it makes me feel better. I have to find a way to fit it in
more. Also, things like designing, scrapping (I NEED to finish Disney!!), blogging, Wii, the things
that make me happy. Doing things like this make getting through the not fun stuff (lesson
planning) easier.

So that’s my plan, and hopefully I’ll be sticking to it. If you are interested, here are some next steps you can try:
1. Make a schedule, find one that works for you, or go back to one that has worked for you before.
2. Check out some productivity resources. Getting Things Done is just the tip of the iceberg.
There are tons, believe me.
3. Think about what makes you happy…and find time to do it. Post here what makes you happy,
and how you fit it into your schedule before midnight EST on Saturday, and I’ll reward some
people with fun prizes.

Check back tomorrow, I have a sneak of some things that I managed to get done for the store this week.

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