Five Resources for Awesome Drop Shadows

I think that when I was learned to digiscrap, working with drop shadows was one of the hardest things to master. I almost always used the default setting, and when I didn’t, I would crank it up so high, it looked like my elements were hovering OVER the paper.
It wasn’t until I got really into the “clustering” trend that I started to really work with my drop shadows. I think that it is making a difference in my layouts, especially when I want my layouts to look like paper layouts. I could sit here and give you a detailed tutorial of what I do, but the reality is, what I do I learned from other people. So I have collected five great resources for learning more about drop shadows.

  1. Scrap Girls – Scrap Girls was one of my very first digi homes, and needless to say I looked to their digiscrap University for more about shadows. This tut is top notch.
  2. Simple Scrapper –    Simple Scrapper is a relatively new site to me, but I will tell you I loved this simple, straightforward explanation of how to use shadows.
  3. Misty Cato Designs –   I love Misty Cato’s shadow tutorials.  This in only one of a few that are on there.  Make sure to check out the lifted photo one, it’s great too. ETA: this tutorial doesn’t seem to be around any longer, however, Misty has a number of great tutorials on her Tutorial page.
  4. Flergs –   Flergs is pretty great at a lot of stuff, and her shadow tutorial and layer styles are just as great as everything else.
  5. Meghan Turnidge –   Ok, so this is where I come clean.  Meghan has created not only a great tutorial about using shadow layer styles, but she also has a great set of shadow layer styles FOR FREE.  They are well crafted, and work excellently.  I use Meghan’s shadows 99% of the time now.  Seriously, check them out.

So there you have it, some tips on using drop shadows on your layouts.  Go ahead and give them a shot, you won’t be sorry!

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3 Responses to Five Resources for Awesome Drop Shadows

  1. Megan (mturnidge) says:

    Thanks Aaron! Glad you like the styles! 😀

  2. Megan (mturnidge) says:

    Thanks Aaron! Glad you like the styles! 😀

  3. Awe thanks sweetie ❤

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