It’s like finding a $5 bill in your pocket….

The other day, I was deleting notes from my Evernote account. I like to do that every so often, go through and weed out what’s there. I knew I had a lot of inspiration pieces there, as well as a lot of stuff I pulled for my article in the upcoming Artisan Notebook. Well, as I was deleting, I came across something I had wanted to show all of you!


I have talked before about how I love the Digital Photography School website. This article is one of the many reasons why. 7 Excellent Open Coursework Collections for Digital Photographers is a quick list of courses that have been offered in digital photography that have the coursework available to the public. Seriously cool, eh? I haven’t actually taken any of the courses yet (remember, I just re-found the link), but I am looking forward to exploring some of them very soon.

Hope you enjoy them as well!!

Thanks to

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