It’s Round Up Time!! My First Ever!!

Many of you know that I follow the blog of my friend Katie the Scrapbook Lady. Over the last few months, I have noticed that at the end of each month Katie does her monthly “Round Up.” For a while now, I have thought about doing it myself, but I never got around to it. Now, with the New Year upon us, I have decided to start doing my Round Up!! Ok, so here goes:

December 2009

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
Well, I read my usual magazines: Living, Food Network, Rachael Ray, Scrapbooks etc, Creating Keepsakes, and Paper Crafts. As for books, I started reading Push by Sapphire, but I haven’t finished it yet.
What movies, television shows, plays, etc. did I watch this month?
Television has been a bit drab lately, with the shows all on break. I did watch Elf a number of times (as I always do), and a few other holiday movies. We went to the movie theaters to see The Princess and The Frog, and Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakuel.
What fun things did I do with my family and/or friends?
Well the holidays were fun, but if I am thinking of things other than the holidays…there was the staff Holiday Party, Bright Nights with the girls, The Harry Potter Exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science with DW…those are just a few of the fun things.
What gifts did I give and/or receive?
Well again, it was the holidays, so gifts were abundant. Notably, I got all new pots and pans for Christmas, as well as Beatles Rock Band for Wii. DW got her Sketchers Shape Ups and a number of other things.
What special or unusual purchases did I make?
Eh, gifts…what else is there to say?
What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
Nothing this month, luckily.
What were my accomplishments this month?
At school, the students are progressing and I am finding new and effective ways to teach them. At PDP, things are working themselves out and picking up. I have secured some great opportunities for the next few months, and I am ready to get moving again.
What were my disappointments this month?
I am having a hard time to think of some disappointments from last month. I think that sometimes, however, we have expectations for people, and we are disappointed when they don’t live up to those expectations.
Anything else noteworthy to include?
Nothing else I can share right now ;)!

If you are interested in starting your own monthly Round Ups, check out THIS POST by Katie…it will give you all the information you need.

Also, stop by the Polka Dot Plum Blog and check out my post about keeping your New Year’s Resolutions.

Photo: BY 2.0

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3 Responses to It’s Round Up Time!! My First Ever!!

  1. Awesome job on your first roundup Aaron!

  2. Awesome job on your first roundup Aaron!

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