You Asked….

And now I’ll answer…

From Dalis:   Are you planning to do a CT CALL soon? or Hybrid CT call soon?

I have been thinking about running another call very soon.  I have to discuss the pros and cons with my CT leader, the all powerful Laura, to see what we are looking to add.  I don’t actually have any Hybrid Girls right now, so adding some is a possibility.

From Amy:  How long have you been designing and is it tough being one of the only men in this industry?

I have been designing for a little over two years now.  I would be horribly embarrassed to show you some of my first kits!  It’s taken me two years to really start to feel comfortable as a designer.  As for being one of the only men, sometimes it’s tough.  I think that any situation in which you are the minority there is bound to be some push back.  I am lucky to have found some great digi friends.  I will say this: being one of the only guys, I tend to stand out in the crowd and get noticed!

Can you believe that that’s all the questions I got from my post?  Everyone must have been very busy!  That’s ok though, if you ever want to ask me a question, you can always link back to THIS POST, and fill out the form.  I also recently signed up at where you can ask me almost anything from scrapbooking questions to questions about what’s for dinner.  You can check me out HERE.

So that’s about it for now…make sure you keep your eyes here on the blog (and certain other DAILY ones) there are some fun things coming up this week!

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