Scrapbooking Monday

Ever have one of those weekend, you know, when tons of things happen…not necessarily bad things, just lots of things, and you end up feeling more tired and brain dead than you did at the beginning of the weekend?  Yeah, that’s the state I’m in right about now.  Over the course of the weekend, I took a Middle School Math Certification test (4 hours of math, math, and wait for it…more math), went to birthday dinner for my mom, visited my new baby niece, spent some time with the family, and scrapped three pages and then foolishly stayed up until past midnight watching the Oscars.  Let me tell you…I wasn’t sure I still knew my name this morning.  Put on top of that a full day of school, complete with outdoor hands on lessons….yeah…my brain is jelly.  I did however, manage to complete a new COLLECTION of kits that I will be introducing you to in the coming days.  It was nice to do a collection,  hopefully I have some more coming soon!

Today though, it’s about my scrapbooking.  Let me show you the three layouts I did yesterday.

Well, those are my three for the weekend.  This week, I am going to try something new, and print out all my layouts from the month.  Hopefully then I won’t wait until it’s an almost $200 bill to print!

See you tomorrow with peeks!

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