Life, or something like it.

Life is funny.  You can be speeding along the highway of life, having a great time, wind in your hair throwing caution to the wind…when all of a sudden…a quick stop.  Breaks screeching.  Possible crashing.  You have in fact hit the proverbial BRICK WALL.

Image: m_bartosch /

While not getting into much detail…let’s just say I hit the wall this week.  I have been working so hard at creating new products and having fun designing and scrapping, plus we have my littlest’s birthday to celebrate, and upcoming state testing at school, that yeah, something had to give…hey, it happens right?

So, I am not going to have a new release this week.  I am working on a new project, but it won’t be ready for Wednesday’s release.  What I am going to do is this…I am going to try to do some great blogging to get you all through.  And who knows, maybe I’ll even hook you up with some super early peeks at what I have going on in Photoshop.  I would also guess that I will probably be having some giveaways and such too.  You know, in case I get bored and all.

One thing I am super excited about is that over at Polka Dot Plum, we have opened the doors to the Plum Prep School.  Plum Prep School is a great place to get tips, advice, inspiration and ideas all about digiscrapping!  We have started posting tutorials and have an awesome Tip Contest going on right now.  Check it out:

Click on the picture, and it’ll take you right to the forums!!  I really wish I had found something like this when I had started out.  I was looking back at my old layouts, mainly because ACDSee has a “created by” sorting option (more about that later in the week), but I can tell you my first layouts were NOT so pretty.  I am not kidding.  In fact, in the true spirit of improvement…I’ll show ya one.

Beautiful isn’t it?  The credits are all mine…yup, that was my first Easter themed kit…gee, I really wish I would release one now (that’s a hint!).

So, as you leave here laughing, I bid you adieu until later this week,

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