Well, All Good Things Must Come To And End….

School vacation isn’t exempt either.  That’s right, tomorrow I will return to school for the very last eight weeks.  In that we’ll have state testing, and a whole lot of “have to’s” to get them ready for eighth grade.  I am hoping that the eight weeks manage to go by quickly.  Hoping.

Wanted to remind you, there is a few short hours left to vote for the color palette for my upcoming kit.  It’s looking like the greens are ahead at this point.  The yellows aren’t very far behind though…you never know what may happen!  If you haven’t voted yet, make sure you scroll down and cast your vote.

I also wanted to let you know about this week’s Sunday Post on the Polka Dot Plum blog.  Many of you know that I do a special series on Sundays over there called, appropriately, The Sunday Post.  Today’s talks about where I am getting my inspiration right now.   Make sure to check it out.  Also, keep your eyes peeled this week.  You never know what blogs I may pop up on.

Finally, I wanted to share that this week, with school being out and all, I have completed one full kit for a May release, as well as 19, yes 19, layouts.  I would love to share all 19 with you, and you are more than welcome to click the link to my gallery in the sidebar, but I wanted to share my two absolute favorites from the last week or so.  You can click on the layouts for credits.

Make sure to stop by later on tomorrow night to catch a sneak peek at what I’ll be releasing this week.  Let’s just say…if you like orange, you’ll LOVE this week’s release!!

Until next time,

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