Twitter Tips: Top Gadgets for Twitter Users

While Twitter can be fun on it’s own, there are a ton of fun Twitter Tools to help enhance your Twitperience.  These are a few of my faves that I wanted to share with you.

Hootsuite – I can tell you, I can’t live without Hootsuite.  When I started using Twitter, I was a Tweet Deck fan.  Hootsuite has many of the same ideas as Tweet Deck.  I can manage multiple accounts, tap into my other social media accounts such as Facebook, my Fb Fan Page, and my LinkedIn.  From Hootsuite, I can post to any or all of these networks, or any configuration in between.  One of my favorite features of Hootsuite, however, it the ability to schedule Tweets and posts.  For someone who spends most of their day out of the house, this is integral for keeping in touch with my fan base.  I can schedule tweets and posts asking questions, and then post my own answer when I get home at night.  This is also great for scheduling tweets that you know you’ll make, such as your #FF tweets.

Twitpic – There are many sites that are available for posting your pictures to Twitter.  While I don’t do this often in my own Tweets, I do find that when I am trying to access pictures from other people’s Tweets, Twitpic is faster and easier to work with.  Twitpic also allows you to post pictures from your phone. – is a URL shortening service that you can use along with Twitter.  With only 140 characters, shortening the url you want to link to is absolutely imperative.  There are a few URL shortening services out there, but I mostly use because it’s the one I remember most often.  When I am working in Hootsuite, you can define which shortener you want to use there, and some of the ones you choose can even track clicks.  It’s really interesting to see what people are clicking on and what interests them!

TweetMeme button – You can see mine at the top of this article.  With this button, it makes it super easy for you, the reader, to Tweet this blog post.  I know when I am reading blogs, I love when there is a TweetMeme button so that I can share awesome information I find with my own followers.  If you want to do the same, go ahead and click on my TweetMeme button.

Have you own Top Gadget for Twitter Users?  Let me know in the comments, or follow me @SirScrapalot and let me know on Twitter!

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