9 Quick Ways to Date Your Digital Scrapbooking Layouts

On Twitter and my Facebook page the other day, I asked if people always put a date on their digital scrapbooking layouts.  Almost 50% of the people who answered the question admitted to not putting the date on every page, including myself.  It’s come back to bite me a few times, though.  So, I thought I’d share 9 ways I add the date to my layouts.

9 Quick Ways to Date Your Digital Scrapbooking Layouts

  1. In Text – this is a strategy I use often.  I don’t usually like to have my date be a huge part of the page, so by adding the date at the very end of the journaling, I am able to date the page in a way that is pretty inconspicuous.  
  2. On a Tag – Sometimes, if there is a tag in the kit or template I am working with, I’ll use it to add the date.  Again, you’ll notice that I don’t really use a bold font, that way I don’t draw too much unnecessary attention to the date on the page.  My favorite date font, well my favorite font in general, is THIS one by Darcy Baldwin and Lauren Reid.
  3. On the Edge – I love using this technique.  When I am looking for a place to put the date, I’ll often tuck it along the bottom or top edge of the layout.  I feel like this is how I would do it if I was paper scrapping, so I like the look it gives my digi layouts.
  4. Using Word Strips – I have THIS great basic pack of word strips by Karah Fredericks, that includes the months and the years.  They are tiny and basic, so they are perfect for adding the date to my layouts.  I like to tuck these behind papers, or just under elements.
  5. Under the Title – Sometimes, there is no better place for the date than right under the title.  I use this most often when the date plays a “role” in the story, or I want to define a specific time.  Again, I’ll usually use a handwritten or small typewritten font.
  6. Using a Kit’s Date Element – Occasionally, kit designers will include a small date element in their kit, as Kristin Cronin Barrow did in this kit, Oh Snap.  If I can work it into the page, I’ll use it because it fits with the rest of the kit.
  7. Creatively Adding the Date – On this page, Round and Round, I wanted to make sure I kept up with the circles on the page, so I decided to add the date on the inside of one of the circles.  Putting the date here helps with the movement of the page, and adds an unexpected touch to the layout.
  8. On a Photo – Sometimes, I’ll add the date directly to the photo.  Although I don’t use the technique much, I really like the way text looks added to a photo.  If I add the date to the photo itself, I often use the bottom right corner, and again, make it small.  Some designers even offer frames that give room to do that.  I have a set HERE, and Ali Edwards has tons in her Designer Digitals store.
  9. With a Date Element – There are some great date element packs out there.  Often, I will pick one up and use it to add to a layout.  Sometimes they are small, other times they are more bold elements.  Which I choose to use really depends on the layout.  Darcy Baldwin has some great ones HERE, and I have a pack HERE.

So those are the 9 quick tips I try to use to add a date to the page.  I hope, at some point, to have adding the date become automatic when I do a layout, but until then, I will continue to try remember!

How about you?  Add a #10 to my list!  What is your “Quick Tip” for adding the date to your layouts?  Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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8 Responses to 9 Quick Ways to Date Your Digital Scrapbooking Layouts

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  2. Andrea Trump says:

    I sometimes like to tuck it in near the main focus of the page like this: http://www.digishoptalk.com/gallery/showphoto.p… or this: http://www.digishoptalk.com/gallery/showphoto.p….I'm also a huge fan of put the date sideways somewhere. like this one, it's on the bottom right: http://www.digishoptalk.com/gallery/showphoto.p

  3. dreamscrapper says:

    Great article! I am always looking for new and creative ways to display dates on my layouts. One of my favorite products for displaying a date “on the edge” as in tip #3 is Misty Cato's Date Bits 17 http://sweetshoppedesigns.com/sweetshoppe/produ… I think these are quite versatile for both vertical/horizontal usage and you can change the color and use either the “clean” or the “grungy” style. I have used one on this layout: http://www.pbase.com/lvich/image/116253116

  4. SirScrapalot says:

    I love those too! I love how simple they are, they look great on any page!

  5. SirScrapalot says:

    Both great ideas! I love the layouts too!

  6. Irene says:

    Thank you for these great ideas about date placement! I linked to this page from today's scrapbook news at http://bit.ly/bEwgiL

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  8. HappyLilGrahamCracker says:

    These are great tips about where to put dates. I rarely date my page, unfortunately… especially if it’s just a general page that I’m working on.

    I DO date my pages that are about a specific event (or, rather than dating them, will put “10th birthday” or something in the title). Recently I started working on a book I’m making my boyfriend, talking about the time we’ve been together, and it made me realize that marking the dates of each event is pretty important. It’s something we’ll want to remember for years to come, so we can recall when our first date was, when he officially asked me out, things like that…

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