5 Tools for Creating Digital Scrapbooking Wishlists

If you’re anything like me, you don’t always shop for stuff when it first comes out, and then you inevitably forget about the items you wanted and never purchase them.  That was how I shopped for a long time – if I didn’t get it right at release, I didn’t get it at all.  Lately, I’ve really begun to appreciate the benefits of creating a wishlist – a list of products I want, but can’t buy right now.  By creating a wishlist, I am able to keep track of what I want for times when I have a bit more money, or when a sale is going on.  Also, it gives me time to think about products that I may be on the fence about…sometimes, I go back to my cart and don’t want them anymore.  There are a few different ways to create a wishlist.  Here are five of the most popular.

  1. Kaboodle – Many digiscrappers use Kaboodle to keep track of their wishlists.  With Kaboodle, you can add products from any site to your list simply by clicking a button you install.  Items are saved to your list with a description.  You can create different lists for different types of products, and you can share your lists with others (perfect at birthday or holiday time!).  Kaboodle also is connected with Facebook, where you can sign in with your Facebook account and connect the two.
  2. Evernote – I mentioned Evernote a few weeks back in THIS POST about tools to make your life easier.  With Evernote, you can clip pieces of the web, and add them to your Evernote files.  Using Evernote for wishlisting is great if you are already using it for other purposes.  You are able to clip the products you want, as well as organize the notes so you can see them all at once.  However, if you are new to Evernote, it may not be the place to start keeping your wishlists.
  3. Amazon Wishlist Button – I was surprised to learn about Amazon Wishlist Button, mainly because it’s a universal wishlist button which allows you to wishlist items from any online store, not just Amazon.  Getting started with the wishlist button is easy enough, you just need to have an amazon account set up, be signed in, and drag the button into your toolbar.  When you want to add something to your wishlist, you click the button.  This is a great option for keeping all of your wishlisted items together, however, it doesn’t have the ability to share lists like Kaboodle does.
  4. Specific Store Wishlists – At this point, the majority of digital scrapbooking stores offer their own wishlist option.  Usually, when you are looking at a product, you are given the option to click the “add to wishlist” button, and the item is added automatically to your wishlist.  The advantage to using this method is that it keeps everything “in house,” there’s no third party site keeping the wishlist.  This is great if you regularly shop at a few stores.  If you don’t regularly shop at a store, a wishlist there may easily be forgotten, so an option where you can keep items from multiple shops may be better suited for you.
  5. MS Notepad/MS Word/Paper – According to many, the best way to keep track of items you want to purchase is to keep the list yourself.  That may be on paper kept by your computer, or in a Notepad or Word document that you create specifically for this purpose.  This method is great if you don’t want to deal with using an outside source to create your wishlists, but if you’re like me, you’re likely to lose the list or delete on accident.

So, what’s your method for keeping your digiscrap wishlists?  Vote in the poll below and let me know!

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If I haven’t listed your method, or you want to tell me why you picked what you did, let’s get talking in the comments!


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5 Responses to 5 Tools for Creating Digital Scrapbooking Wishlists

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  2. Irene says:

    Hi Aaron, I linked to this article from today's scrapbook news at http://exm.nr/aKzYo5

  3. Scrapmommytn says:

    I love the kaboodle lists. I have different categories for different types of items!

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  5. Littlesparrow001 says:

    I use store specific list but then I keep a list of the stores in a word document.

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