Twitter Tips: The Secret to Creating Twitter Lists

One really effective tool all Twitter users should know about is lists.  Lists are a way to group the people you follow on Twitter and so much more.  Once you get hang of working with lists, they will clean up and speed up your Twitter experience.

What are Lists and Why Should I Create Them?

Lists are just that – lists of people on Twitter.  You can look at lists as a separate stream in Twitter, so by grouping the people you are following you can look at just their tweets.  For example, I have a list of Social Media and Branding people I follow as well as a list of Digi Tips and Tricks people I follow.  When I look at one of those lists, I see only tweets from the people I have put on that list.  That makes it a lot easier to keep up with what my Tips and Tricks people and see what they are tweeting about.

You can also follow other people’s lists.  What’s totally excellent about following other people’s lists is that you follow just the list…the people on the list don’t show up in your home stream.  You are following them, without following them.  This can really help to clean up your home stream.

Ok, So I Should be Using Lists…How Do I Make Them?

So, if you go to your Twitter homepage and look at the right hand side of the page, you’ll find “Lists” in the column.

where are lists?Right below it, you’ll see “New List.”  Click on that.  When you click on that, a dialog box will pop up.

create a list

You’ll be asked to name the list, as well as provide a description for the list.  After that, you’ll see a place where you have to decide whether you want to make the list “public” or “private.”  Basically, if you list is public, other people can look at it and follow it.  If you list is marked as private, only you will be able to see the list.  The people on the list won’t even know that they’re there.  It’s really private, LOL.   When you decide, you will click create and you will be ready to add people to your list.

There are two ways to add people to your list.  First, you can search for people to add to your list.  This is what you are prompted to do when you first click create.  You can also add people from the list of people you are following.  What you would do is find the person you want to add to the list.  Once you find them, on the right hand side of their box is a button that looks like a list.

List Dialog box

If you click it, a drop down will show up with the lists you have created.  You would check off the lists that you want the person to appear in, and then click outside the box.  They are added to your list!

Ok, So I Made a List.  How Do I Find Other People’s Lists to Follow?

Well, first off, if you look at someone’s Twitter profile, on the right hand side in the Lists section, you’ll see all the lists they have created and made public.  Click on one of those lists, and you’ll be able to follow the list.  Easy Peasey, right?

Another way to find lists to follow is  Listorious is basically a directory of lists created in Twitter.  You can search the lists, and even check out the Top 140 lists.  Get it, 140 lists…140 characters…gah, I love a good pun!

Are You Inspired Now?

I hope that with this you’ll be inspired to create and follow some lists.  Lists really reach their full power when you are using a Twitter client such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, where you have an option of creating a column for the list.  Hey…that’s another post though.

What lists have you created?  What lists are you following?  Let us know in the comments below!


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