9 Killer Template Designers Whose Templates I Love

Seeing as I am such a template-a-holic, I thought it would be great to share with you some of the template designers that I regularly use.  You’ll notice that they represent a pretty wide range of styles, but I think that keeps everything looking fresh and new.

Cindy Schneider at Sweet Shoppe Designs – I’ve talked before (and talked and talked) about how much I love using Cindy’s templates.  I love the clustered look of them, which I have such a hard time coming up with on my own.  I also appreciate the little things that Cindy does to make using her templates easier, like color coding the layers.  One of my favorite sets of Cindy’s templates is this bundle:
Cindy's TemplatesJanet Phillips at Sweet Shoppe Designs – Janet’s templates are almost the polar opposite of Cindy’s.  Janet’s are clean and graphic, and always put the attention right back on the photo.  Janet is also the master of templates with an insane number of pictures.  I especially like this template:
Janet's templatesAmy Martin at The Lilypad – Amy’s templates are always a little bit funky.  She recently has been doing some templates that have cut out spaces in them, and I love the way those look.  I also love that Amy often offers mini bundles, singles, and larger bundles.  One of my favorite sets by Amy is
Amy's TemplatesJaclyn Bernardo at Funky Playground Designs – Jaclyn really is awesome at stacking in her templates.  Stacking paper strips, or background papers, or elements, they always look awesome.  She even has sets of just her stacks, which I love too.  I love this one especially
Jaclyn's TemplatesBTA Designs at Polka Dot Plum – BTA Designs templates’ are great for white space layouts.  They often feature a large background with a small cluster in one of the corners or the middle.  I especially like this set of templates:
BTA TemplatesBerry Sweet Designs at Polka Dot Plum – These templates are excellent white space layouts too!  They are minimal with a little layering and lots of space around them.  This set that I picked also has ample space for journaling, which is a major plus.  Check them out
Berry Sweet TemplatesNikki Epperson at The Digi Chick – I got hooked on Nikki’s templates when she was at PDP with me.  What I really like about Nikki’s templates is that sometimes, they are nice and super layered and fun…and other times they are nice and simple.  She has a variety of styles, which makes her templates appealing to me.  I love this set
Nikki's TemplatesAli Edwards at Designer Digitals – Do I really need to say more than her name?  Ali is one of the masters of digi scrap.  I love her simple styled layouts.  Always clean and graphic, but never boring her templates always seem to make a statement.
Ali's TemplatesCathy Zielske at Designer Digitals – Cathy’s another designer with nice, clean and simple templates.  What I always find fun about Cathy’s templates is that they usually have some great word art already built into them.  I love this template
Cathy's Templates

So those are 9 of my favorite template designers.  Who are yours?  Whose templates do you love using?  Let me know in the comments below!


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15 Responses to 9 Killer Template Designers Whose Templates I Love

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  2. Lor says:

    Great choices! Yumminess! 🙂

  3. Brenda says:

    WOW Aaron! Thank you for including me in the mix. I am honored!!!

  4. Faye Killer says:

    I am Nikki Epperson's hugest fan, haha! Seriously, her templates are always amazing. I also love me some Megan Turnidge and Wild Dandelion templates. There are some 'new' designers at PDP who have some yummy looking templates, too, that I can't wait to try out soon!

  5. SirScrapalot says:

    I agree..both Megan and Wild Dandelion have great templates too!

  6. SirScrapalot says:

    No problem! Thanks for such great templates!

  7. Hollygtn says:

    Make sure and check out my site which highlights the latest and greatest templates! I also love everyone you mentioned, especially Nikki Epperson! If you want to learn to cluster, definitely try her templates!http://www.DigiScrapQuickPages.comHolly

  8. Mari says:

    Well, I am a big fan of Nikki & Cindy's, but one person you missed is Christine Newman. I love how different her's are. I could never come up with the composition or shapes she does. They are just amazing. http://www.littledreamerdesigns.com/newshoppe/m

  9. bunnyfreak says:

    I love Chrissy W, Connie Prince, Captivating Visions and Bella Gyspy for templates.

  10. Claudia says:

    I'm a ChrissyW fan too! I'm not much of a digital scrapper, but the few times I have tried my hand at it, her templates were great to use and easy!

  11. SirScrapalot says:

    What a great collection of templates!! Love it! I'll def. be visiting again soon.

  12. SirScrapalot says:

    I haven't tried hers before, I'll have to check them out!

  13. SirScrapalot says:

    That's awesome! I love that templates are great and easy to use for beginners or seasoned digiscrappers alike!

  14. HappyLilGrahamCracker says:

    I love Cindy, and Janet! Cindy seems to find her way into my cart quite a lot. I’m also a huge fan of Jenn over at Inspiration Lane!

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