Scrap Along with Sir Scrapalot: You “Lift” Me Up

One commonly used method in digiscrapping is to “scrap lift” or “lift” someone else’s layouts.  Scraplifting is the process of using another person’s layout to inspire your own.  This can be a great tool for times when your creative mojo is on vacation, or when you see a layout by someone that you really like.  Sometimes, a scraplift can be a pretty exact copy of the original layout.  Other times, your layout can just be inspired by the original layout.  It is important that when you do a scraplift you make sure to credit the original layout in your credits.  When you are using someone else’s layout to inspire your own, it’s like using someone else’s template or papers – it’s a tool you used.  The person who originally created it deserves recognition.

This is a scraplift I did not so long ago.  On the left hand side is my layout, on the right is the layout I lifted, originally by Denise Beatty.

You’ll notice that in this lift, I recreated the original layout pretty exactly.  While doing this, I still managed to make the layout my own, and fit my own style.  If you click on my layout, you’ll be taken to my gallery and in the credits you’ll see that I put that it was a scraplift, and linked it to Denise’s layout that had inspired it.  Sometimes, linking may not be an option.  In those cases I usually put something like, “Inspired by the layout Poker Night by Lady Gaga in the July 2011 Creating Keepsakes.”  While not linking directly to the layout, I am still giving credit to the original designer.

So, in today’s Scrap Along, I have an assignment for you.  I want you to do a scraplift.  For this assignment, I want you to go through CT Member Laura’s gallery HERE, pick a layout, and scraplift it.  Come back here and link me up to the layout, and Laura and I will randomly pick one winner from the entries to win a GC to my PDP store!

Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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