9 Surefire Ways to Create Dynamic Title Work

Ok, so you have your title.  You did your layout, you checked out my article 10 Creative Techniques for  Titling Your Layouts, and used one of the techniques to pick a title for your layout.  Now the question is….how do you make your title “work” on the page?  As a follow up to my article about picking your layout, I want to share with you my 9 Surefire Ways to Create Dynamic Title Work.  Check them out after the jump….

9 Surefire Ways to Create Dynamic Title Work

  1. Mix the alphas – It’s no secret that I consider myself to be a kit scrapper.  One of the dangers of working with only one kit when I am doing a layout is that I don’t look for tools outside of that kit.  A technique that I have been working hard to use on my layouts recently is to use more than one alpha for my title.  By mixing the alphas, I can put emphasis on certain words in my titles, and create contrast between the words I am using.  You can see this technique in action on my layout “My Little Girls.”
  2. Vary the size – This is a technique that I use often to put emphasis on the subject of my layouts.  When I am using an alpha, I can resize different words to create the variation in size.  I can also use a font to create the title, and then just adjust the size of the font accordingly.  You can see this technique on my layout “i think You are Wonderful.”
  3. Use elements and alphas – A great way to create dynamic layouts is to use both alphas and elements.  Sometimes, you can replace a word with an element, such as replacing “heart” with a heart.  Other times, you can use elements like word strips to enhance your title.  I use word strips all the time on my layouts.  I especially like to use Karah Frederick’s An Open Book Series (they’re on sale right now!).  You can see them, as well as this technique, on my layout “Sunny.”
  4. Mix fonts and alphas – Contrast is one of the easiest ways to create dynamic title work.  One of the easiest methods to create contrast in your title is to mix fonts and alphas.  I especially like to mix a handwritten font (Ali’s Writing is one of my favorites) with an alpha to create a dynamic, handmade look to my layouts.  You can see this technique on “Graduating Kinder.”
  5. On top of a cluster – Clustering is hugely popular in scrapbooking right now.  One of my favorite ways to add a title to a layout with a lot of clustering is to put it right on top of it.  This takes some adjusting with the shadows, but when it’s done well, it can look really cool.  You can see this technique on my layout “Remember Happy Days.”
  6. Vary the color – I really like when an alpha is available in multiple colors.  To create and emphasize playfulness on a layout, I’ll try and mix all the colors of the alpha.  This can be really difficult to do, but having a full alpha in a few colors really helps.  On my layout “Staycation” I used all of the colors offered in Dani Mogstad’s “Pop” kit to really bring life to the layout.  You’ll also notice how I varied the direction of the letters.  That’s a bonus tip for you!
  7. Unexpected placement – I think most of our brains our trained to think that the title of the layout either needs to be at the top, the middle, or the bottom of the layout.  The reality is, the title can be anywhere.  When you take the title and move it to an unexpected location, it immediately catches the eye.  For example, in my layout “Brand New Cousins” you’ll notice that I in fact put “Cousins” directly in the middle.  I could have put “brand new” right on top of “cousins” but instead, I turned it vertically and created an almost crossword puzzle type look to the title.  By doing this, I am leading the eye from the top, down the the word “cousins,” and then finally to the photo.
  8. Scattering the title – Scattering the letters of the title doesn’t always work.  If the letters are too far apart, or too randomly place, it can be difficult to read what the title is.  However, if the letters are grouped closely, and intermixed with the other elements of the layout, it can really make your title look funky.  I especially like how this technique looks on my layout, “Smile.”  
  9. Include a number – I can remember being in elementary school, and having the teacher tell us that we had to write out the names of the numbers in our writing.  All I really wanted to do was use the actual number.  Luckily, I don’t have a teacher reviewing my layouts.  Including a number in your title can effectively get the idea across, as well as place emphasis on what the number represents.  My layout “You at 3” shows this technique nicely.

All of these techniques can be used separately to create dynamic titles.  Their power increases, however, when you start using them together.  Take a look at my layout, “2 Girls with a Plan.”

In this layout I have: used a number, mixed the alphas, varied the sizes, used an element (word strip), with a font, mixed the colors, and put the title pretty much on top of my cluster.  The result is a very dynamic title that complements the layout.

What techniques do you use when you are doing title work?  How do you create dynamic titles?  Let’s talk in the comments below!


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  2. Irene says:

    Good ideas Aaron! I linked to your tips in today’s daily scrapbook news article at http://exm.nr/9p5ZS2 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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