3 Things That are Keeping You from Creating the Best Scrap Pages

What’s holding you back?  Do you feel like your layouts could be taken to the next level?  If you do, you are like me and many other scrappers who are constantly looking to improve on their scrapping techniques.  The problem is, sometimes the things that are holding us back are things we aren’t even aware of.  Check out these three things that may be holding you back, and then break free!

  1. You aren’t editing your photos – When I started digi scrapping, I almost never edited my photos before I put them on a layout.  I was unsure of what to do with them, or how to edit them.  I don’t have a “workflow” for when I upload pictures, so more often than not I would use an unedited photo on a layout.  The change happened for me when I took Jessica Sprague’s photo editing class, but these days there are tons and tons of products out there where you don’t even really need to know “how” to edit the photos.  The photo actions at My Four Hens have become a staple in my scrap process, and I can see the difference in the layouts I am creating.
  2. You treat shadowing like the side dish – I’m not saying that your shadows should become the main course, but shadows can make or break a great layout.  I’ve done countless posts about shadowing like THIS ONE, or THIS ONE, or even THIS ONE.  I still do my shadowing as the very last thing, but I make sure that I take my time to make it look just right, and I am always happy when I do.
  3. You scrap inside a box – Not literally, but you don’t take the chance to step outside of your comfort zone when scrapping.  This is different for each of us.  For me, it’s multi photo layouts and photo-less layouts that are “outside of my box.”  Maybe you shy away from clustering, or from clean layouts…whatever it is, face it.  Scrap it.  Step outside that box, and your layouts will reap the benefits.

If you are looking to take your layouts to the next level, then check and make sure you aren’t letting these three things hold you back!


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