Designer Tips: Adding Texture to Papers

The last time I asked the readers what they wanted to learn more about in scrapbooking, one thing that people said they wanted to learn more about is designing.  Designing is a tricky hobby to learn, but once you get started you keep wanting to learn more and more.  When I am working with new designers, one thing I always pay attention to is their papers, and how they texture their papers.

When I am putting together a kit, I use CU overlays to texture my papers.  Recently, I put together this tutorial about texturing papers that I had originally shared with a designer I was mentoring.  Today I wanted to offer the tutorial to you.  I hope you take something useful away from it, and that it helps your designing!  You can click on the link to download the .PDF.

* A special note…this tutorial was written before the closing of ScrapArtist.  The links in the tutorial will not work.  Many designers offer similar overlays which will work in the same manner as those used in the tutorial.

Texturing Papers by Sir Scrapalot


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