Give Thanks for Kids – Scrappers Give Thanks 2010

I love kids.

Not just my kids, but the kids I teach, the kids in my school, really just kids in general.   When she was born, my youngest daughter was born with a hemangioma on her face and her throat.  While essentially painless, the hemangioma would grow in size and possibly restrict her airflow through her throat.  For over  a year, we made monthly trips to Boston Children’s Hospital to seek care and monitoring for her hemangioma.  It was there that I learned how grateful I am for the kids in my life, and how truly amazing children can be.  The smiles on the faces of children much more ill than my own,  the hope that radiated from each of them…it changed who I was as a father, and as a person.

Often I think of the families of the children we encountered at BCH, and how thankful they must be to have their children in their lives.  I think of the smiling faces, and the hope…and I realize how truly lucky I am.  Sometimes, I find myself guilty of getting so caught up in the nitty gritty of everyday life, that I find myself not telling the kids in my life how thankful I am for them.  I think it gets this way for a lot of us.  When my life gets busy, I make sure I make a concerted effort to tell my kids (both at home and at school) how thankful I am for them.

That’s why, when I heard about the focus for Scrappers Give Thanks 2010, I knew I had to be involved.

Scrappers Give Thanks is an annual community scrapbooking project benefiting a chosen charitable cause or organization.  Founded by Jennifer S. Wilson with gracious support from Anna Aspnes, their inaugural project in 2009 delivered over 650 handmade cards to Operation Write Home.

In 2010, their goal is to deliver more than 2000 messages of joy, laughter and inspiration to children in hospitals across the US and Canada.  By creating one 4×6 single-sided “card” with a happy message, a joke, or an inspirational quote, you can be part of this wonderful experience.  Plus, cards are being accepted in both digital and traditional paper format!

Want to show more support?  Take a minute and spread the word today about the project.  Post it on your blog, share it on Facebook and Twitter, or even just talk to a few friends about it.  Also, if you are interested, there are some logos you can sport on your blog to show your support.  I was honored to be selected to design the logos and tagline for this amazing project.

Scrappers Give Thanks
If you give thanks for kids, either your own or the ones in the world around you, this is a perfect way to show your support.  I hope you’ll join me in contributing to this incredible project.


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3 Responses to Give Thanks for Kids – Scrappers Give Thanks 2010

  1. Rebecca (ReboScraps) says:

    Great job on those logos! I started following your blog after they said you were the designer. 🙂

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