Creating and Printing Holiday Cards

It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are once again right around the corner.  Last week, I went to Target mere days after Halloween and found it fully decked out for Christmas.  I’ll admit, this doesn’t make me sad.  If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know that I truly LOVE the holiday season.  What really freaks me out about the holiday season, however, is getting everything done!  This year I’ve vowed to be better about getting everything done in a timely manner.  That’s why today, on November 10th, I’m bringing you a post about creating and printing holiday cards.

For the past few years, I’ve created and printed Christmas cards to share with my family and friends.  I find it to be a fun and personal way to say “Happy Holidays” and document your family at the same time.  It’s not always easy though.  Creating a card, finding a place to print it, pleasing your mother who doesn’t like the card because “it’s of the girls’ backs” (true story…lesson: don’t use an artistic photo to create a profound card) and then having to get the cards out on time, all make the idea of Christmas cards so daunting.

Luckily, there are TONS of resources out there for creating and printing Christmas cards.  I wanted to share some of my favorites with you today.

Many digi scrap designers are now creating pre-made Christmas cards that you just pop your pictures into, much like a quick page.  Take a look at a few of my favorites right now.

Of course, you can always use your favorite digi kit and design your own card too.  Also, many printing sites offer pre-made cards for you to put your pictures in as well.

There are a few different places that I like for printing cards.

VistaPrint – I’ve used VistaPrint a few times, and I was happy with the quality and the price.  They offer cards in various sizes, and have an array of pre-designed cards if you wanted to use one of them.  They also have an option for printing a card you designed or created using a product like those above.  For a set of 10 4×8 photo cards, it’s $7.99 (and on sale for $3.99 as I am writing this).

Shutterfly – I’ve also used Shutterfly and been pleased with their products.  They also have an array of pre-designed cards, many of which are very attractive and fun.  From what I found, Shutterfly does not currently offer an option for printing your own cards (I may be wrong, but it’s not easily found if there is one).  Their cards are priced separately, and start at $0.40.

Persnickety Prints – This year, I am planning on using Persnickety Prints.  I’ve documented here on the blog many times how pleased I am with the quality and customer service I’ve received from Persnickety Prints.  Like the other sites, they have a variety of pre-designed cards to choose from, they offer an option for printing your own card, and have a variety of sizes.  Their cards are available in sets of 25.  A set of 25 Flat Photo Cards starts at $14.99.

There are tons of great options out there to pick from.  I hope that you find the options that fit best for you, and helps you get your cards printed and enjoy the holiday season!!


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4 Responses to Creating and Printing Holiday Cards

  1. HappyLilGrahamCracker says:

    Great post! We’re not doing holiday cards this year… with he and I still dating/living separately, I know we’ll catch all kinds of trouble from our families if we send them out together, and there’s no reason for us to get them separately, and our families don’t do cards.

    There’s always next year!

    Personally, I love pre-designing my own cards using digi kits (I’m looking at using Fra Gee Lay from Libby Weifenbach next year, but I’m sure I’ll find another that catches my eye sometime soon…), and then just getting them printed like they’re photos. I have TONS of free credits from ArtsCow, and I’ve been pretty impressed with the quality of their photos, generally.

    • Anonymous says:

      I did the same this year, and I used my own Do Not Open for the card. I got them printed through Persnickety Prints and I am in love with them!

  2. The pink ones are so cute, seems to be a good stationery design

  3. Anonymous says:

    This one is really looking one of the best contented post about creating and printing holiday cards. And the existing regarding information of this post is really looking promising about it. And I am really highly impressed by this one. Thanks for sharing some best of information about it.

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