What I Do When I’m Frustrated

Have you ever been so frustrated you wanted to cry?
Chances are, you answered yes. Most of us get to that point at some time or another. Maybe it’s work, or family, or just life in general that leads us there. No matter what leads us there, it’s not a fun place to be. Being a teacher, father, husband, blogger, digi designer, and all the other jobs I hold on any given day often leads me to that place of extreme frustration. As I’ve grown older, I’ve found ways to relieve that frustration and get me back to business.
  • Take a step back – it seems so simple, but really I find this to be the most effective technique. Sometimes it means stopping where I am and moving on to something else, and sometimes it means that I physically have to walk away. Stepping back gives me time to recollect my thoughts and breathe again.
  • Do something different – I use this one a lot in my classroom.  Often, when my students are having trouble grasping a concept or are just generally driving me bonkers, I try to change gears completely.  It helps them to refocus, and it helps me to get a fresh start on something new.
  • Accept it, and make a plan – This tip, seemingly the most simple, is often the most difficult to deal with.  Being able to say, “I’m frustrated right now” and accepting that you are is hard.  The thing is, frustration is an emotion, and we have control over our emotions.  We can say, “I’m not going to feel like this.” What I usually say to myself is, “I’m frustrated right now.  What can I do to change that?” By acknowledging the emotion, I am keeping it from taking over me, and I am able to start to make a plan.
What things do you do when you are frustrated? How do you deal with being frustrated?
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3 Responses to What I Do When I’m Frustrated

  1. HappyLilGrahamCracker says:

    I try to breathe. Deeply, and fully. Just… stop. And breathe. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t!

  2. Christin says:

    If I’m at home I blast Air 1.
    God is my ultimate chill pill and reset button. 🙂

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