5 Places I Find Inspiration

Inspiration can come upon me at any time, from almost anything.  I can be walking somewhere, and immediately find something that inspires me to create a whole kit.  Today, I wanted to share a few places where I usually find inspiration.

  1. Target – Their holiday site/decor is truly unparalleled.  I am amazed at how well they carry out a theme through everything – the store, the flyers, the website.  I am always looking to see what they will have next.
  2. Knock Knock – These notepads and other goodies are absolutely hysterical.  I love their slightly retro feel, and love how easy they make getting some things down in writing! Some of their products are a little on the colorful side, but for the most part, these people know how to make fun stuff!
  3. Children’s Books – As you can imagine, with a reading teacher wife and two young girls, there are plenty of fun kids books around the joint. I like to look at them and find inspiration for children kits, or even just from the colors sometimes.
  4. Mrs. Lilien Styling House blog – Now these are some high class, pulled together, inspiration boards. I have never seen more beautiful, fantastic, over the top things than I have on this blog, and yet they all make sense and work in perfect harmony.  Great place to find inspiration for colors, theme, or general “feel” of a new kit.
  5. iTunes – Music Music Music!! I cannot tell you how many times a song has influenced what I was working on.  Many times, it’s just by chance, depending on what is on the playlist I am listening too, but music plays an important part in my process everytime.

Where are you finding inspiration these days?

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1 Response to 5 Places I Find Inspiration

  1. HappyLilGrahamCracker says:

    My biggest inspirations are:
    -Urban Outfitters. I’m seriously in love with the site, AND the store. From witty to classy, it’s all over the place, but different parts of the store inspire me in different ways.
    -Borders. More the content than the actual store, I can browse in there for hours, and I’ll always find something perfect for inspiration.
    -My fashion classes! For my trends class, we actually got a free subscription to StyleSight, which gives color stories, as well as giving inspiration as to themes and feels of the season, which makes for a really cool inspiration on scrapbooking as well!

    Those are the biggest inspirations for me!

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