Incorporating More Journaling Onto Your Layouts

For a long time, I didn’t journal on my layouts.  There are a lot of excuses I can give for bypassing this step in the layout process, but the bottom line is I didn’t journal because I was lazy.  I didn’t want to spend the time to think about what to say and I didn’t want to figure out where it would go on my page.  Over time, I started to really realize how important journaling is to this scrapbooking process.  Realistically, if I am working at creating layouts to preserve memories, what good is it to not record those memories.  It was a major duh moment for me.  Today, I wanted to share with you some of the techniques I use to get my journaling onto the page.

Use a journaling spot as part of your design – This is one of the easiest ways to get your journaling onto the page.  If you incorporate a journaling spot into the design of you layout, you have an automatic place to put your journaling.  On the page “Christmas Show” the journaling spot is part of the design of the layout, leaving me a space for my story.

Use your journaling to balance the layout – With such a strong cluster and photo placement in the lower left corner of the page, having the journaling in the upper right corner helps create balance on the page.

Put your journaling in a frame – Often, when I am working with a template, I don’t have as many photos as the template has on it.  Sometimes, I’ll replace one of the photos with a journal spot and put a frame around it.  To me, this kills two birds with one stone: I have one less photo spot to worry about, and my journaling gets on the page.

Tuck the journaling along the edges of the main focal point –  In the layout, “Snow Much Fun” I was working with a heavily blocked design, so the journaling is tucked along the bottom and it formatted to match with the blocked design.

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9 Responses to Incorporating More Journaling Onto Your Layouts

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  2. Jengerbread88 says:

    Those are really great suggestions. A lot of times, I don’t journal, just because for the most part, the layouts are self-explanatory… for example, my photos of sledding that I scrapped recently were very obvious, and I didn’t need to journal that page. However, I could have added journaling about how many snow days we had gotten recently, and that sledding was a great way to keep away from the I’m Boreds… I just didn’t see room for it and left it out! But you’re right, there’s no point in preserving memories if I’m forgetting to do just that.

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  4. great post, I’m bad at remembering to journal. Someone told me once – “just write down what you’d say when you’re showing this layout to a friend you haven’t seen in a while” – I thought that was good advice!

  5. Ladybug says:

    Beautiful layouts!!

  6. Ava-J says:

    wow, all gorgeous pages! i wish i could do those too, great work! thanks for the tips. but for some strange reason, I struggle with titles, not so much the journaling, lol!

    • Anonymous says:

      You should check out Masterful Scrapbook Design. I am one of the teachers there next month, and we are focusing on titles for the whole month!

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