You’re A Time Waster…

Come on, do your best Pat Benatar impression and sing along!

Have you seen Pinterest yet?  Ok, well let me tell you, I have found the ulitmate time waster.  With Pinterest, you create your own “boards” that you pin things too, like having your own personal bulletin boards on the computer.  See an outfit you like at  Go ahead and “Pin It” and it will be on your board for you to go back to.  Pinterest will “Pin” the jpg to your board, and leave the link for you to go back to it.  The possibilities for this are endless.  My boards along show the variety of uses for this.  I have a board for clothes for me, clothes for my girls, food and recipes I like, design inspiration, color inspiration, and a list for Disney stuff I like.  Now, as I surf the web, I have a place where I can put together all the things I see that I like.

What really makes Pinterest special and work, is that it’s largely a social network as well.  You have the ability to “follow” other people, and their boards, so not only can you see what you are pinning, but you can see everyone else’s pin as well!  Then, add to the mix the ability to “repin” (very much like a retweet), it almost becomes more fun looking at what other people find than finding things yourself!

View Aaron's Pins on Pinterest

So as of right now, I realize that Pinterest is a big time waster in my life.  I get that….I am justifying it though by thinking that I am “researching” for future projects….yah, that’s it.

The only drawback to Pinterest right now is that it’s by invitation only.  Let’s open up the comments: if you are looking for an invite, let us know here…if you have invites to share, let us know too!

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10 Responses to You’re A Time Waster…

  1. mrscwooddell says:

    OOOOh, how fun! Invite me please!

  2. River-rose says:

    I would LOVE an invite! I have been drooling at everyone else wishing I could have my own for a while 😛

  3. Scmoore48 says:

    I sure would like an invite if you have an extra!


  4. Breeoxd says:

    please invite me- that sounds awesome!

    And btw thanks for explaining cts for me in an email a few years ago… ive been on tons of ct’s since and its really opened up my scrapping world!

  5. Julie says:

    invite please! invite please! so much better then just ‘bookmarking’-way better then delicious or any of the like since it saves the images not just the link and text! please, please!

  6. Anonymous says:

    This sounds awesome! Please invite 🙂

  7. Lynn says:

    It’s Pinterest with an e after the t. I love it and yes it’s definitely a time waster. But a fun one. 😉

  8. Scrappinaly says:

    I have been wanting an invite since I heard of it awhile ago…My friends don’t even seem to know what it is…so still holding out for an invite

  9. Ooh, I want to try this! I’d love an invite!

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