My Three Scrapbooking Experiments for the Year

As we wrap up January, and the dust begins to settle on all the “New Year” hoopla, I’ve really started thinking about what things I want to try out in terms of scrapbooking this year. Performing scrapbooking “experiments” helps me to keep my scrapbooking fresh, and stretch myself as a scrapbooker. Sometimes, I know the things that I want to try out, and sometimes these things come to me. Today, I thought I’d share the three experiments I am looking to try out this year.

  1. Clean and Simple Scrapbooking – over the last year or so, as I have discovered Cindy Schneider and her templates, I have really grown into the layered and clustered style of scrapbooking. I still love it, and think that it’s a great representation of me, but I really would like to branch out a bit more this year. I have a bunch of Janet Phillips templates that I am hoping to give a try to this year. Maybe I can switch it up a bit.
  2. Adding Lighting to my Pages – Last week, I happened upon a tutorial on Traci’s Hawt Mamas’ Blog about adding lighting to your scrapbook pages. I was intrigued as to how the completed layout looked, and knew I had to try it. I am a little weary, the lighting effect really dabbles into the idea of fantasy scrapbooking, and personally, that doesn’t fit my style. I am excited to try this tutorial out and see how I can make it work for me.
  3. Scrapbooking without a Template – This may possibly be the scariest one to me.  I have come to rely on templates to help me get my pages done and look good.  This year, I am going to try and take what I have learned and see if I can put together some layouts on my own.  I’m not sure how they’ll come out, but I think that I need to give it a try to help myself grow as a scrapbooker.

So those are the three experiments I am looking to try out this year in my scrapbooking.  What are you looking forward to trying this year?  What are your experiments?

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4 Responses to My Three Scrapbooking Experiments for the Year

  1. Janll says:

    I just started digital scrapbooking, oh, two weeks ago. I’m looking forward to completing and printing a book this year. Currently, I’m learning to use Adobe InDesign (student copy) to create pages. It is a little intimidating to start with a blank canvas without my former papers, punches, and pens by my side!

  2. Julie says:

    I have to say I am right there with you. Your goals for the year are very similar to mine. I also rely on templates to scrapbook and have been trying to get myself beyond that. I love Cindy’s templates, and have to say they have greatly improved my clustering, but I also love the clean look of Janet’s templates too. My other goal is to try and learn to use some of the other tools in Photoshop like brushes. I did a weekly challenge at this week that made me do just that. It was hard but I managed to come up with page I love. Good luck with your goals for the year.

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  4. Rebecca (ReboScraps) says:

    Great link to the lighting tutorial. I hesitated to click myself with your mention of fantasy – also not my thing – but then I saw the example and thought it was GREAT! I think in that case, it turned the background paper into one that looks like it was custom-made for that page, helping to draw attention right where it’s best – on the photo! Thank you!

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