Fighting the Battle for Better Time Management

Do you ever feel like getting better at your time management is a battle?


A while back, I wrote about fighting the Energy Eater over at Simple Scrapper.  Lately, however, I’m starting to see that the path to better time management isn’t about fighting one enemy, but a larger ongoing battle.  One that takes time, one that will go on for a long time.  Sometimes, I’ll be winning the battle, sometimes I’ll lose.  Right now, I feel like I’m on the losing end of the battle, and here are some things that I am planning on doing to start winning this battle again.


  • Stop watching all TV in “real time” – The invention of the DVR is a wonderful thing.  The ability to watch a show at a later date, while fast forwarding through the commercials and boring parts is really one I need to take more advantage of.  Some shows need to be in “real time” (how would anyone survive without my weekly American Idol Facebook/Tweet Along?), but others can definitely be saved for later and watched in a much shorter amount of time.
  • Prioritize – I love making to do lists.  They make me feel like I am working towards something.  However, a to do list is only as good as the action it promotes.  One thing I want to start doing is creating a master to do list, and then drawing from that master list to create specific “Things that I Need to Do Today” lists.  By prioritizing what needs to be done on that given day, I keep myself from trolling my long to do list for easy tasks or tasks that are fun, and focus on what really needs to be done.
  • Doing tasks now – I am famous for putting tasks off.  For example, I’ll get an email asking me for an image, or to share my ideas on something and instead of getting that done right then and there, I add it to my to do list and move on.  This is great for tasks that require sustained attention, but for something like sending a graphic or responding to an email, I need to just do it in that moment.  One rule of thumb that I’ve read about is if you can do it in less than 2 minutes, do it.  If it can’t be done in less than 2 minutes, add it to the list and move on.

These ideas may seem simple, but in reality they are the things that are keeping me from winning the battle for better time management.  The reality is, I don’t know the definite answer, I don’t know of the “cheat code” to win the battle for better time management.  The best I can do is try as many different things that I can think of, and take you along for the ride.
What strategies do you use to win the battle for better time management?

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2 Responses to Fighting the Battle for Better Time Management

  1. Helena says:

    I’ve found that dealing with 2 minute things as soon as you read them really does make a big difference – I aim to deal with most things only once – read and respond or discern from the subject that it will take longer and move to a folder that I deal with once a week. Same with paper mail – all official stuff goes, unopened into one pile and I deal with it all every Monday – over 14 months I haven’t come across anything that I should have dealt with durign the 6 days it sat in the pile.

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