21 Creative “About Me” Layout Ideas

Last week, I asked everyone who follows me on Twitter or “Likes” my Facebook Fan Page what topic they wish they scrapped about more.  One answer that seemed to come up over and over was “me” (not me, as in scrapbooking about Sir Scrapalot, but me meaning about themselves.  Aren’t you glad I cleared that up?).  I find it extremely difficult to scrapbook about myself as well, so I thought I would share a list of creative “About Me” layout topics.

  1. My favorite pair of shoes
  2. One song I can’t stand is…
  3. A time I felt special was…
  4. My morning routine
  5. My secret hideout
  6. If I had a theme song, it would be…
  7. A time I helped someone special
  8. Games I like to play
  9. What my BFF and I have in common
  10. One thing people usually don’t notice about me is..
  11. My favorite sounds
  12. My favorite words
  13. One time when I got in trouble…
  14. If I had a time machine, I would…
  15. The day of the week I look forward to the least
  16. What “trustworthy” means to me
  17. If you looked into my closet…
  18. My favorite Tweet is..
  19. The last thing I posted on Facebook was…
  20. If I were a color, I’d be….
  21. My most prized possession is..


Hopefully these will help you get a jumpstart on doing some awesome “About Me” layouts!!  Make sure to come back and link us to the ones you do!

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1 Response to 21 Creative “About Me” Layout Ideas

  1. Claysmom says:

    this is great, thanks!!!

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