To The Cloud…

Have you seen this commercial? I think it’s absolutely hysterical, especially the part when the wife gives the camera the puzzled look. Isn’t this how we all feel about “the cloud”? What is “the cloud” and how on earth is it going to help me? According to Wikipedia, “the cloud” is really just another way to refer to the internet in what is called cloud computing. If I understand it correctly, it means that you rely on using internet applications such as Google Docs to do most of your computing. Again, this is really only what I think it’s about…I’ll admit, I’m still a little unclear.

One thing that I know I am using “the cloud” for right now is backing up. I have been backing up my files to offsite for some time now. I had been using Mozy, but since their enormous price increase, I have switched to Backblaze. Backblaze takes all of my files from the computer and backs them up to “the cloud.” That way if anything insane happens here, my files are backed up “in the cloud.” I also started backing up my blog using a WordPress Plug In, and sending it to my Dropbox account. Again, I am taking my files and backing them up to “the cloud.” Recently, I’ve been looking for ways to back up my email to “the cloud” as well.

So, I guess while I don’t know exactly WHAT “the cloud” is, I am using it to my advantage.

Are you using “the cloud”? How are you using it?

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2 Responses to To The Cloud…

  1. Laura_bozeman says:

    The way my techno geek husband has explained the cloud to me is that eventually you will access your software, even your operating system, on the internet. It won’t be installed on your computer, but in “the cloud.”

  2. Breeoxd says:

    oh thanks for the backblake info- I couldnt belive my mozy was gonna increase like 700%. how ridiculous!

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