My Favorite Android Apps

I got my Android phone last summer, and I remember how angry I was when I heard that Verizon would be offering the iPhone in 6 short months.  I had wanted an iPhone for ages, and now I had just passed up my chance to get one.  Funny thing is, by the time the iPhone from Verizon came out, I was in love with my Android.  I’ve seen a lot of blog posts about “favorite iPhone apps,” but today, I wanted to put together a list of my favorite Android apps.  I’ve linked them all to the Amazon App Store or the Android Market for easy purchasing.

Angry Birds – is there anyone that isn’t into Angry Birds at this point?  The best time waster, and most obsessive game I have…if you don’t have it yet, get it now.

Google Reader – I live by my Google Reader on my computer, and I love being able to have it with me on the go.  It’s great for when I’m at school or between meetings.

HootSuite – another staple on my laptop, having HootSuite with me on the go lets me check my Twitter, Facebook, and Fan Page all in one app with ease.

Double Twist – Double Twist syncs with my iTunes and lets me take my music on the go with me.  Great for playing the music in the car!

Ebay – I have started really using Ebay again, as I’ve started collecting Disney Vinylmation Figures.  The Ebay app keeps me on top of the items I am bidding on, and lets me know right away when I’ve been outbid.

Swype – Swype turns my Android keyboard into a super cool and easy key board that I can use by dragging my fingers to the letters of the word I want to spell.  I didn’t think I’d like it, but I’ll tell you…I don’t like when I have to actually type.  Maybe they can make a Swype keyboard for my laptop?

Touch Calendar – Until Google releases a Google Calendar app, Touch Calendar is the next best thing.  I love how it syncs and operates.

Taskos – same with this..until Google releases a Tasks app, Taskos does the job.  My favorite feature, when I put calling someone as a task, I can link up their phone number to call right from the list.

Where’s My Droid? – How many times have you lost your phone when it’s on vibrate?  Your automatic response is to call it, but it’s on vibrate and you may never hear it.  With this app, you can text Where’s My Droid to your phone, and it will turn sound back on, and start ringing.  Winning.

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7 Responses to My Favorite Android Apps

  1. Alteredbyjenn says:

    WOW! Off to download the Where’s my Droid? app on my android 🙂

  2. Alteredbyjenn says:

    WOW! Off to download the Where’s my Droid? app on my android 🙂

  3. Alteredbyjenn says:

    WOW! Off to download the Where’s my Droid? app on my android 🙂

  4. Have you tried Rdio? Yes, there’s a monthly subscription fee of $10 but the music listening options makes it well worth the money. Wish it was available for WebOS, but my husband has it on his Evo and I have fallen in love.

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  6. lois_houston says:

    I would add a few suggestions for you:
    easyphonetunes synchs music EASILY from iTunes to your phone.
    silent sleep turns off/on all sounds at preset times so you are not woken in the middle of the night by an email notification
    pandora for great music
    retro camera for some great photos

  7. HeatherKS says:

    Where’s my Droid? will be a lifesaver! Thanks for the suggestion! Check out a couple of my favorites – Key Ring, which allows you to scan your store cards and access them with your phone instead of carrying them along in your wallet, and TiKL-Touch to Talk – which turns your phone into a walkie talkie that you can use to talk to other Droid users that have the app installed with a touch of a button.

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