9 Chrome Extensions to Keep You WINNING!

Google Chrome is arguably the best browser out there right now.  I switched to Chrome as my main browser a little over a year ago, and can’t even imagine going back.  When I have to use IE or Firefox for something, I feel Fred Flintstone, powering the car with my own two feet.  It wasn’t until recently that I really started to explore the world of Google Chrome Extensions, and what they could do for my browsing experience.  Here are the 9 Chrome Extensions that are keeping me WINNING!


  1. Google Calendar (by Google) – I love having access to my calendar right in my address bar.  Plus, on certain pages where there are events, you can add the event automatically to your calendar.
  2. Google Tasks – Basic and neat, again I love having access to my task list on any page I may be on.  It’s easy to add tasks, mark them as done, and sort them.  It’s become an essential part of my workflow.
  3. New Tab to Tasks – Sets it up so that when you open a new tab, the default page is your tasks list.  Great way to keep those tasks in front of your eyes all the time!
  4. Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail – Alerts you to when you have new mail in your inbox, lets you read the new mail, delete it, archive it, in fact, you can perform most basic email tasks right from the email pop up.  This saves me from constantly checking my email page.
  5. RSS Subscription Extension (By Google) – This extension automatically detects when you are on a page with a feed you could follow, and the button pops up so that you can easily subscribe to the feed.  Awesome.
  6. Tab Menu – Have you ever noticed, that when you have a lot of tabs open, they shrink down and you can’t read what they are to find the one you need?  Tab Menu takes care of that by showing all of your open tabs in a drop down menu.
  7. Calculator – Ok, so this one is just because I’m lazy.  I love having a calculator right in my address bar though…it’s so much easier than having to find it in the start menu.
  8. Awesome Screenshot: Capture and Annotate – I’ve used a lot of different screenshot programs, but this one is awesome in that you can annotate your screenshot right there.  It’s great for sharing on the fly, or for preparing screenshots for tutorials and blog posts.
  9. Stay Focused – With Stay Focused, you can limit the amount of time you spend on time wasting websites, and this extension will actually block you out of them when your time is up.  I love this for sites like Pinterest, because I could literally spend a whole day there.

Are you using Chrome Extensions to enhance your web experience?  What ones do you rely on?  Let us know in the comments below!

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3 Responses to 9 Chrome Extensions to Keep You WINNING!

  1. Crystal (Lukasmummy) says:

    My favourites are a bit different than yours, these are my best ones for productivity. Hugs Crystal xx
    Too Many Tabs For Chrome – https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/amigcgbheognjmfkaieeeadojiibgbdp this one is awesome you can set certain tabs aside to come back to later
    My Shortcuts – https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/bjcpobipejlbogodeiendpdgcdambjgo this one allows you to access all google products through one addon.
    Timer – https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hepmlgghomccjinhcnkkikjpgkjibglj this one gets set for me to do stuff while I am waiting for other things like the washing to be finished or Lukas to finish school.

  2. Awesome post! Thanks! I love google chrome and you just made it that much better for me!

  3. Vera says:

    i  love google chrome, thanks for sharing more reasons to enjoy it 🙂

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