Making Motion – A Book Review

Making Motion: 7 Steps for Doing More with Your Creative Life
I was excited when I got my copy of Tara Gentile’s ebook Making Motion: 7 Steps for Doing More With Your Creative Life (affiliate link).  It’s a great book about taking your creative life and moving it into the forefront of everything you do.  The book talks a lot about moving past that initial starting point and getting started.  Tara has been a leader in the education and empowerment of DIY and creative entrepreneurs with her website and

I was looking forward to reading her thoughts on getting moving, and I was not disappointed.  There are many ideas in the book that I put into place just minutes after reading them.  I especially liked how Tara talked about your creative desires may very well be part of your essential needs, and we may just be ignoring them.  The 7 steps outlined in the book really guide the reader through the process of identifying your needs, making them into goals, and then taking action to realize those goals.  Part practical, part inspirational this ebook definitely got me thinking about where I stood creatively, and how that could fit into my essential needs.  It also gave me the much needed push to get some things in motion and start realizing my goals.  I recommend this book for any of us out there that are trying to really build a business around our creative outlets, however, it’s got great ideas on how to get yourself moving and creative for everyone.




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