The Battle for Better Digital Scrapbooking Layouts

Do you ever feel like creating digital scrapbooking layouts that you are happy with, that you think are really well executed, is a battle?  I actually feel like this a lot of times.  Sometimes, it feels like I am constantly fighting a battle to create layouts that push me as a scrapbooker, and still capture the memories I am trying to capture.

My Opponents

As I’ve started scrapbooking more, I’ve started to come face to face with a few things that are always making the ongoing battle more difficult.

  1. Journaling – sometimes, I have such a hard time getting my thoughts down on the page that it keeps me from writing what I truly want to write.  I also suffer from having all of my journaling sound the same.
  2. Pictures – I never thought I would say this…but man, I don’t have enough pictures!  I am a moment scrapper (I actually despise scrapping events), so I usually have a little freedom in what photos I use, but lately I can’t seem to find any new photos to use.  I feel like I have to constantly be taking pictures.  Laura tells me that this is one of the keys to being a Creative Team member – always taking pictures.
  3. Titles – I know, I know I’ve written about finding titles before.  I even taught in a class on titles at Masterful Scrapbook Design.  Sometimes though, my brain freezes.  I can’t think of anything original, anything unique.  The result: I end up with 5 layouts with the title “Smile.”

It’s funny to me, because I think these three things should be the easy part of scrapbooking, and yet I struggle with them.  I also think that it’s really pointed out to me that it’s important to continue to learn and grow as a scrapbooker.  Lately, I’ve felt sheepish as I’ve struggled with my titles, having taught in a class about them.  I guess it’s just part of the journey…some days the road is bumpy.

So what now?

I’ve got some problem areas identified, so what am I going to do to work on them.  Well…first off, I have started researching some new journaling ideas.  I actually found THIS post on Ali Edward’s blog, and I am seriously SO INSPIRED by these prompts that I want to scrapbook with them now.  I’m not going to though…I think what I may do is think about the prompts, and maybe do a little jotting down of some ideas.  Then, I can go into my photos and see if I have any, and if not, I can take some.  What the hay, I’ll even jot down some title ideas.  Maybe planning will help me out of this dark time.  Only time will tell.

What things are keeping you from creating your best digital scrapbooking layouts?  What challenges do you face when you are scrapbooking?  Let me know in the comments below so we can talk more about it!

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