5 Lessons Digi Scrappers Can Learn from Harry Potter

I’ve liked Harry Potter since the day I read the first book.  In fact, my wife and I, we became Potterheads.  When the last book was released, I waited in line for almost 11 hours to be one of the first to purchase it (I was the first!).  We’ve seen all the movies, and were there this Friday to say goodbye to a series that has dominated over a decade of our adult lives.  To say that Harry Potter has had an effect on my life is an understatement. I could go on for days about the lessons we can learn from the Harry Potter series, but today I want to focus on what we digi scrappers can learn from Harry Potter.

  1. A little thought goes a long way –  Harry and his friends always need to be thinking.  Whether it’s ways to defeat evil You-Know-Who, or navigate their social world (oh, Lavendar!) they always need to be thinking of the best possible approach, or how to use what they have available to them.  As digi scrappers, we often do the same.  Trying to figure out how to use a product, or how to make our pictures work in a layout, we are constantly tapping into that resourceful part of our brain.
  2. Friends are vital – Friendship is by far one of the largest life lessons from the Harry Potter series.  What would Harry have been with Ron and Hermione?  Could he have better friends than those two, who would sacrifice everything to help him?  Friends have always been the center of the stories.  In the digiscrap world, we live in the computer, but we are all part of larger communities, many of us closer friends with the “people in the computer” than those in our real life.  The friendships and community of the digiscrap world make it truly wonderful.
  3. You don’t need to have the best broom to be the best at Quidditch – when he started out, Harry didn’t have the best broom for his Quidditch matches.  Sure, he got a better broom as time went on, but was it ever really about the broom?  Not really, it was about Harry’s ability as a Quidditch player.  The same goes for us as digi scrappers.  We don’t need to have the latest and greatest tools, it’s more about what you do with the tools you have and using them to preserve memories.
  4. We need to talk about the bad stuff too – Harry had a bad habit of keeping things from people, so as to not worry them.  He often kept the pain from his scar or the visions he sees from others, and it often works out badly for him.  When he does share the pain he is feeling, he helps others, like when he alerts everyone that he has seen Mr. Weasley being attacked.  What can we take from it?  We have to scrap even the bad stuff…even though it may hurt now, chances are it will help someone in the end.
  5. Memories are important above all – Harry looked into other people’s memories through the Pensieve, and they helped him understand what he would need to do, and he always relied on the memory of his parents or Sirius to get him through difficult situations.  Memories were important to Harry, and to us as digi scrappers.  We strive to preserve memories and keep them with us forever.  Aren’t our scrapbooks like our own Pensieves?
It’s with this that I bid farewell to friends who have become a part of my life for so long now.  The journey may be over, but the lessons will always remain.






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4 Responses to 5 Lessons Digi Scrappers Can Learn from Harry Potter

  1. Jewely89 says:

    You call yourself a Potterhead, but it’s “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”!!!!!! :O)  Not you know who!  Yes, I am also a Potterhead – started when my son was 11 and we bought him the first book (my husband and I cheated and listened to Jim Dale tell us the story!) – and I am having problems going to see the final movie… as that will mean the end… But, I do plan on taking photos of that time (next weekend?) and scrapping how much “Potter” has touched my life (and brought my son and I closer! We adopted him at age 10 – so JK Rowling helped us develop a family!!) – and I believe I might add some of your thoughts on it also! Loved this article!

    • Anonymous says:

      I am so embarassed! Please Potterland forgive me…it’s nice to hear how the books/movies have touched your life as well.

      • Jewely89 says:

        Actually, I was listening to #7 again last night, and they DID call him once You-Know-Who – so I must apologize! *I* was, gulp – wrong!!!! Well, ok, I’ll split with you – 50-50!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Sounds good to me!

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