More Ways to Use Evernote to Maximize Productivity

Since last week I shared with you how I use Evernote to maximize my productivity, I thought today I would have my reader Trina share with you how she uses Evernote in her day-to-day life.

Name: Trina – aka tjscraps
Location: Alberta, Canada
Twitter: @slurpeegirl13

Why do you use Evernote?

I started using Evernote after this post at the Daily Digi.  I love that everything can be kept in one spot, and I can access it from all different places – my desktop at work using the web, my laptop at home, my iPhone and iPad.  Before Evernote I would surf blogs and such and think something was a neat idea so I’d bookmark it.  When it was time to remember what I wanted to do, I could never remember what site I saw it on and it was really frustrating.  I love the search feature that you can put in one word and it brings up everything that contains that word.  This is especially helpful with recipes, if I know what I have on hand I can type it in and see what recipes pop up.

What things do you use Evernote for?

  • Recipes – when I see a recipe I want to try or love, I clip it using the web clipper and add it to Evernote in my recipe notebook.  As I said above, when I need an idea I’ll type in ‘chicken’ or ‘beef’ and see what comes up.  The side benefit of this is that if I know what I’m using and can’t remember what I need to buy for it, I can access the notes on my phone while at the grocery store and see exactly what I need for the recipe.
  • Inspiration – Instead of using the ‘Favorites’ function when I’m surfing galleries, I add the image to Evernote.  This way I don’t have to remember which site I saw that neat layout on, and it includes the link to the page where I found it so I can go and see products used, etc.
  • Wishlist – I have just started to get back into using this as my wishlist instead of store wishlists, again all in one spot.  One thing I’ve found is I need to add better descriptions to them instead of just adding the photo, to make it better for the search function.
  • I have a notebook for ‘Mommy Stuff’ that I was planning on using to add ideas on things to do with my daughter and how to handle certain situations, but I haven’t got around to using it yet.

Do you use Evernote “on the go” (your phone/tablet, etc.)?  If so, how?

The only part I use on the go is the recipes, I like searching them from my phone and using them to figure out what I need for recipes and I actually use it as a cookbook while cooking too.  I haven’t figured out how to add things from my iPhone or iPad yet (the iPad is new).

What’s your best tip for using Evernote?

I’ve found that it’s not necessary to tag items, if your descriptions are good you can use the search feature instead and it will help you find ‘that blue layout with the squares’ or ‘that cupcake thing’ (those are all technical terms! lol).

I hope that by reading how Trina uses Evernote, you’ll get a better idea of how you can make Evernote work for you.  Are you already using Evernote, and interested in being interviewed for the blog?  You can contact me HERE, I’d love to interview you!

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