Facebook, We Need to Talk

Isn’t that the kiss of death?  Hearing someone say “We need to talk” is a surefire way to send chills down your spine.  It usually means that something isn’t good, that bad things are coming.  We’ve all been part of one of these conversations, and we all know how it ends.  Lately, I’ve been thinking about having this conversation with Facebook.  Is it time for us to break up?

The thing is, I have kind of fallen for Google+.

I know, I know…but hear me out.  Google+ has a lot of great features about it that I’ve really taken a liking too.  First off, I love how you can write mini blog posts and share them.  I could never do that as a status update, and it’s a great way to get some information out there without having to write an official blog post.  Second, a lot of people are sharing interesting extended content like this.  I constantly find myself marking more and more things to save to reference later.

In fact, there is a lot more engagement all around on Google+.

It seems like more people are commenting and having conversations about posts, which is something that has been missing from Facebook for a while.  Unfortunately, we spend too much time helping each other harvest crop or build barns, that we’ve stopped talking to each other.  Another drawback to Facebook – my students are starting to stalk me on it.  I have to be extremely careful what I post and who can see it.  I know that’s what the privacy settings are for, but somehow they still manage to find me.  They aren’t on Google+ yet, and it’s a lot easier for me to control what I share with people.

The thing is, I can’t really break it off just yet.

There are still a lot of things I like about Facebook.  I have my Sir Scrapalot page there, and I like being able to communicate with people that way.  If I look at the traffic to the site, a good portion of it is coming directly from Facebook.  Plus, Google+ hasn’t really hit with the digiscrap community yet.  Sure, there are some of us over there, but it’s not as big as Facebook yet.  Will it be?  I totally think it will.

So I’m in this love triangle.

I mean, that’s not even thinking about Twitter.  Here I am trying to figure out how to work through both Google+ and Facebook and not go totally insane.  It’s taking a little work, but I think it’s worth putting the work into both relationships at this point.  So I guess Facebook and I will see a relationship counselor and try to work things out.  For now.

Have you fallen yet?

If you’re one of the digiscrap people not on Google+ yet, here’s your chance.  I have a limited number of invitations for people to join me at Google+.  If you are interested, click on THIS LINK to accept your invitation.  If you do, make sure to add me to your cirlces.  You can find me HERE.


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