Five for Friday: Sites I Visit Daily

This week, I wanted to share with you five of the sites that I visit daily, if not multiple times a day.

  1. Pinterest – I’ve written about my Pinterest addiction before, but now I am happy to announce that I also have gotten my wife addicted to the site.  Awesome, now she repins things she wants to make sure I see.  Above being the ultimate time waster, I do use it as an organizational tool to keep ideas and projects organized.  I swear.
  2. Vinylmation Blog – Many of you know that I am pretty Disney obsessed.  These Vinylmation figures are something that we started collecting about six months ago.  I visit the site pretty much daily to see if there are any new releases I’ll be needing to add to my collection.
  3. Chris Brogan – I started reading Chris Brogan in my Google Reader, and then I signed up for one of his email lists, and followed him on Twitter, and circled him on Google+, etc.  I go to his site every day to read his blog post and see what I may have missed.  He has great insight into the social media world, as well as various other topics.  Plus, he lives in Massachusetts like me!
  4. iGoogle – I actually have iGoogle set up as my homepage, and it’s the perfect aggregation of all of my important information.  I have the posts from my Google Reader, access to my email and Facebook, my Google Calendar, and my To Do list.  I can also add in weather, and lots of other fun widgets.  It makes checking in online super easy.
  5. Sweet Shoppe Designs – since I retired from designing, Sweet Shoppe has become my digi “home.”  I will admit that I go there multiple times during the day to check in and see if there is anything new and interesting in the forums and to see what is going on.
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1 Response to Five for Friday: Sites I Visit Daily

  1. Jewely89 says:

    You are in so much trouble!!!! I read about Pinterest, joined it, and now I’m ADDICTED!!!!! I think all I want to do on my vacation here in Arkansas is sit at this computer and find stuff to Pin!!! Oh how much trouble I am in! And when I get back to IL and try and get back to work, I’m really going to be in trouble!!!!!!

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