One Little Word 2012

What if your entire year focused on one little word? One word to guide what you do, how you think, and the choices you make. What would that year look like? What word would you choose?

This is the premise of Ali Edwards’ One Little Word project. Ali has been doing the project for some time now, and I’ve followed it each year, wondering how it would work for me. Last year, I went so far as to pick a word. I didn’t write it down though, and didn’t follow through, so I couldn’t tell you what that word was. This year, however, in a year of Starting Over, I have decided to really participate in this journey.

My word for 2012 is create.

I thought a lot about possibilities for my word. I wanted to make sure I picked a word that would speak to all aspects of my life, one that could affect change in all I do. I spent days watching and waiting for my word to come to me. I marveled as people put together their One Little Word Pinterest boards, looking at each word wondering if it could be my word. Ultimately, they weren’t my words. My word actually came to me as I was browsing the depths of Pinterest in a moment of time wasting, as I often do. I came across this quote by George Bernard Shaw:

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.


And like magic, this quote sparked inside of me. In the last year, I’ve started to look more and more about who I am as opposed to who I want to be. Am I creating the self I want to look back at me in a mirror? With that, I had found my word.

Create is about how I want to live my life this year, about what I want to do. It speaks to me as a father, a husband, a teacher, an artist, and as a reflective person.  It comes down to five big ideas.

Create |  The life I want to live

Create |  Lasting memories with my family

Create |  The me I want to be.

Create |  Opportunity and change.

Create |  Art and inspiration.

If I can follow these big ideas, and truly embrace create in my life, I am confident that I will see positive growth in me as a person.  I am excited to see where these ideas lead me this year, and what I can get out of the word create. Of course, I’ll be taking you, my blog readers, along for the ride.

Is One Little Word for you? I’m not sure. Only you can answer that question, and sometimes, your answer and what life really has planned for you don’t match up. I encourage you to give it a shot, pick a word if you haven’t already and see how it can influence your life. If you want to learn more about One Little Word and Ali’s 2012 word, you can read about it HERE. Ali is also offering a One Little Word 2012 class over at Big Picture Scrapbooking that helps take you through the year with your word with prompts and activities to keep it in the forefront of your mind. The class looks awesome, but admittedly, I have not yet signed up. It’s on my short list of things to do before January is done. If you are interested in seeing my One Little Word Pinterest board, you can check that out HERE.

Have you already chosen your One Little Word for 2012? What is it?

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