What Type of Scrapbooker Are You?

Have you ever stopped to think about what type of scrapbooker you are?  At this time of year, people are starting all kinds of new projects.  Project Life, 365, 52, 12 for 12, and One Little Word are all projects that can be daunting and sometimes even fully overwhelm you.  Knowing what type of scrapbooker you are can help you pick the one that works best for you.  There are three basic types of scrapbookers that most of us fall into.

Three Types of Scrapbookers

Event Scrapbookers – Event scrapbookers are scrapbookers who focus on specific events on the majority of their layouts.  Christmas, Halloween, birthdays and other special events over the course of the year get coverage on the layouts.  Event scrapbookers are less likely scrap things like everyday events or small special moments.

Moment Scrapbookers – Moment scrapbookers are scrapbookers who focus their scrapbooking on the small moments that happen in life.  They often focus on journaling and use pictures that they grab from their everyday life.  Moment scrapbookers tend to do one or two photo layouts, and often find scrapping events like birthdays and Christmas too overwhelming.

Day to Day Scrapbookers – Day to day scrapbookers are the ones who do best with things like Project Life and 365.  They are mindful of scrapping the smallest moments of everyday life, and often do so in organized layout formats with lots and lots of pictures.  Day to day scrapbookers often incorporate events and moments into their day to day scrapbooking, but it may not always be the focus.

So Who Are You?

In reality, you probably can’t just commit to one category.  I can’t either.  Knowing the three different types of scrapbookers, though, has helped me be more away of what I work on, and what projects I take on.  For example, I tend to be a Moment scrapbooker.  I don’t really like scrapping events, and have trouble keeping up with the day to day.  Therefore, I know that something like 365 is not going to work for me.  That’s why I chose One Little Word.  It better fits my approach to scrapbooking.  This will be different for everyone, it takes a little time to look at your habits and what’s inside of you, but everyone can identify with one of these types of scrapbookers.

Take a minute and look back at your last 10 layouts?  Think about what you enjoy scrapbooking…what type of scrapbooker are you?

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