Has Your Scrapbooking Style Evolved?

Over the weekend, I was looking through my old layouts.  Having started scrapping back in June of 2008, my most complete gallery has over 23 pages of layouts.  When I look at some of those first pages, I cringe. So I decided to go through all 23 pages, and one thing was definitely true: my scrapbooking style is evolving.

I’m not talking about improving. Time and know-how alone will lead to improved pages. This is different though, the look of my pages has changed. It’s hard to explain, but easier to show. Here is a layout from my first Disney trip in 2008, Pure Magic.

I am amazed at how simple, and paper based this layout is. I could have easily recreated this layout with paper products, and it would have looked nearly the same.  I hadn’t started exploring clustering, and wasn’t comfortable adding elements to the page.  As time passed, I really started exploring clustering and incorporating lots of elements onto my pages, like this layout from 2010.


On this layout, you can see that my style is still really paper focused. There is nothing on the page that wouldn’t really be on the page if it were a true paper page. I always felt like I needed to stay true to what I would use in traditional scrapbooking. Everything is really matchy-matchy too…I tend to be a kit scrapper, but this is almost too much.  I still shy away from elements that wouldn’t be usable in a traditional page, but recently I’ve been exploring what other things I can do when creating a digi page.


This is a layout I did over the weekend. I’ve started exploring with things that probably wouldn’t work on a traditional paper page, like this printer’s tray. My style has also gotten a bit more eclectic and shabby.  I’ve noticed this a lot on my layouts recently, and I can’t say that I hate it. I am having fun creating pages that are more artistic and not so perfect and matchy-matchy.

I think it’s interesting to see how my style as evolved over the years. I feel like it’s representative of who I was at that point in time, a way to learn more about past me.

Have you ever gone back and checked out how your style has changed? What has changed about it? Where do you see yourself going in the future?

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